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14OCT06 <Archives>
I have updated the picture pages with some new photos... mostly from last weekend at Rossi's in Muskegon, MI. It's always a fun time there! (You should see the pics I don't post on the site)

I have also updated the schedule page with the latest that I have confirmed. Keep checking back for new locations & dates, I update as often as possible. Also, don't forget that I can set up a show at your local venue. For more details visit the bookings page.

Two weeks ago I performed at my 20 year class reunion. Talk about a stress builder! I grew up with these people!!! They were a great audience and I had a blast. I think they had fun as well. I must say that even if I was not being paid to attend it was well worth the trip. It was a really good experience for me overall.

I'll be in Freeport, Illinois next weekeknd. Once I get all the details I will post them on the schedule page.

SEP 2006 <Archives>

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