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23MAY06 <Archives>
I had a great time this last weekend in Jackson, MI at the Jackson Comedy Club. Everyone there was great! We were treated wonderfully!!! I got to meet/work with a couple of guys I know from one of the online comedian bulletin boards. They are John "Dick" Face & Barry Fuller. John is the normal emcee of the club. He was taking the night off (even though he still got on stage at both shows) and Barry was filling in the emcee spot. A good newcomer to the comedy scene by the name of Steve Budkis did a guest spot. He did a fine job of it as well, some real funny stuff. I did the feature act and James "Bigfoot" Scott headlined the evening. I have added links to their respective websites (or MySpace sites) on the links page, check them out. I also added new pictures from the show to the pictures pages.

It was a slower night in Jackson, but we made the most of it. The first show had about 33 people in the audience and the second show had only 9. I have to say that the 9 at the second show laughed as hard (actually harder) than the larger group before them. We got a little more personal with the second show and ran with it. Everyone had a blast!

Funny thing... A few days before the show I was talking to someone about how my name always gets messed up. When I got to the club in Jackson they told me that the local entertainment paper had listed the show and had me down as Jason Voorhees. I guess after the hockey game I could meet up with them at the lake.

I will be in Dubuque, Iowa on Wed. June 14th at the Bricktown Brewery Complex. I'm looking forward to going back there. There was a great packed house primarily consisting of college kids when I was there last year. I'm looking forward to a good show.

Saturday July 1st I will be at 1st Street Pub in Dixon, IL. It is going to be a 50th birthday bash and Greg Larson and I will be performing on the patio. Get with them early so you don't get left out like the show a while back in Rock Falls where they ran out of room and had to turn people away at the door!

I've got some other things in the works so keep checking for updates to my schedule. I'll post shows as soon as I get them confirmed.

Also, don't forget to watch NBC's Last Comic Standing! It premiers on May 30th. We will have to see if they make me look like an idiot...

APR 2006 <Archives>

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