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29JAN06 <Archives>
Well, I finally got the pictures uploaded from last weekend in Port Huron, Michigan. I was at Rossi's in Muskegon on Friday night but I didn't have my camera batteries charged. It's too bad because there were a lot of great photo ops there! Good news is I got a lot of really good pics on Saturday night at Main Street Live. I am hoping to get the latest press clippings loaded up within the coming week. Keep checking the site for updates.

I worked the weekend with The Fryman. I will be adding a link to his website soon. Very funny and a very nice guy. Rossi's was a great place, even better than last time I was there. The weather got bad Friday night and The Fryman got delayed on the road. We got started a little late and I had to go long by about twenty minutes until he got there and it was a riot. Actually the funniest thing I said was after the show when I went to the men's room. There were three urinals. Both the far right and left ones were taken so I walked up the the one in the middle. All I said was, "Last time I was in between to men there was a camera rolling." I've never seen two men so uncomfortable holding their units.

This was my first trip to Main Street Live but I got to say that everyone there treated us great and it was a blast. The place was pretty packed and it was a great audience. If you are ever there stop by and at least see if they have our T-Shirts up on a wall yet.

This coming weekend (Sat. Feb 4th) I will be at the Latin American Social Club in Sterling, Illinois. I am expecting a good crowd for this local boy. Greg Larson will be featuring for me and the show starts at 8pm. Ticket prices are $5 per person or $8 per couple. If you are around I do hope you can make it.

17JAN06 <Archives>
I know it seems like forever since I have updated this news section. Hey, I'm a busy guy! A lot has been going on both personally and professionally. The most recent exciting news is the show I did this last weekend in Eddyville, Iowa at the Brickhouse. My buddy Greg Larson opened for me. We both had a blast! Mike and Carrie, the owners, are wonderful people. Everyone there treated us great. I was told we were the third highest door tickets sales they have had. Hey, we even beat out my buddy Whicker's band Average Joe at the door. Sorry, had to rub that in. Look for us to be coming back there same time next year! A big hello and thank you to everyone who showed up for the show. Pictures have now been posted on the picture pages.

I have added and updated the schedule page. I have three Sauk Valley area shows coming in the months ahead as well as some more set up in Michigan. Look for me at the Latin American Social Club in Sterling on Feb 4th and PJ's II in Rock Falls later in March. Also in march I will be in Freeport, IL. I don't have the name of the venue on that one as of yet. In Michigan I will be returning to Rossi's in Muskegon, the Traverse City Comedy Club and City Park Grill in Petoskey. City Park Grill is the location I recorded my CD. I'm really looking forward to coming back to all of these, I had a great time at each and every one. A new venue for me in MI is Main Street Live in Port Huron. I will be hitting Rossi's & Main Street Live this weekend and Traverse City & Petoskey next month. Keep checking the schedule page often. I update it as soon as I get confirmation on a show.

I would write more, but I have to get some sleep. I'll try to get a newsletter out soon.

NOV 2005 <Archives>

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